What our clients say.

I've worked with Lisa for the last 5 years of my business. During that time she has taken the parts of business that can be confusing and has broken them down into layman's terms for me to understand. She, alone, has made me enjoy talking about money and has removed all fear I had of Uncle Sam and doing things wrong in business. She is on top of deadlines, quick to respond to my (many) questions, and laces the tedious and mundane with her impeccable sense of dry humor. One of the best decisions I've made for my business was hiring her and I'm incredibly thankful to have someone working with me who is so great at what they do!"

Alicia Daw - Alicia Ann Photographers

I am so lucky to have been referred to Lisa after spending two years in business without someone to help me with my books. Everything was a mess and I didn’t know what I was doing, nor was I getting good advice from my previous accountant. Lisa helped me straighten everything out and provides ongoing support whenever I have questions. She is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any small business!” -

Laura DeMaio Roy - LEDR Dog Training

Lisa has been working with my business since 2010. She is doing amazing job keeping my all books in order the correct way, so I don't have to worry. I trust her, she is very professional . I highly recommended Lisa to complete bookkeeping and taxes for any business. It is pleasure to work with her .Thank you Lisa, for everything!"

Margaret - Owner, Pol-Amex Travel Services LLC

While I searched for words other than "can't live without", in so many ways that truly describes how I feel about working with Lisa as a small business owner. I reached out to Lisa at the referral of a close friend, as whoever you choose to oversee the numbers in your business is never a light decision. From the very start Lisa was trustworthy, confident, and wanted to provide me with a custom experience based on my own unique business needs. She was genuinely interested in my success as a business, something I had never expected. Working with Lisa allows me to focus on where my own strengths are, so that my business can grow. She is quick to answer my questions, and treats them each as valid concerns. She has taught me the true freedom of outsourcing, and I honestly can't imagine finding someone who could do what she does better. She is an absolute blessing!"

Tiffany Farley - Owner, Tiffany Farley, LLC and The Fount Collective LLC

Thanks again SO much for taking your Sunday to meet with us! I can't tell you how much we appreciate it, and how grateful we are that we found you. You could have very easily made us feel very small going over everything, but instead you took the time to explain it until it made sense. And we are just so thankful for it. So please don't ever doubt that this work that you're doing is making a difference in the lives of your clients."

Justin and Mary - Justin Marantz Photography, LLC.

Lisa, owner of ProBooks, has been our bookkeeper since 2005. She is very trusted by our company so much so we have asked her to help oversee Power of Attorney if so needed. She is very easy to work with, punctual to the point, fairly priced and accurate. I would highly recommend Lisa to any business to help them succeed and in keeping they're books in check."

Sandy - Owner, Morawski Cleaning, LLC.

Lisa has made order out of chaos for us. We are an affiliate of a national organization and must match a complicated template. Lisa has organized it and creates a budget to actual every month that is invaluable to our Board. We can see where every expense is and project for the future. We highly recommend her services."

Margaret Smith Hale - Executive Director, Independent Transportation Network North Central Connecticut, Inc.

Lisa has been my bookkeeper since (October 2004?) I got her name from my accountant. She asked me what I did when we first met and I said immigration law. She said she'd make sure that was all I had to do and she'd manage the finances part so I could concentrate on what I did best. She has done much more over the years providing me with her business insight and experience, helping me resolve numerous types of varied issues, not related to immigration or finances. I cannot thank her enough! She has been invaluable."

Wayne E. Chapple - Attorney at Law

Lisa has been my bookkeeper since 2008. When Lisa came to work for us my office documents were a real mess. She was able to organize and straighten things out in no time, she was even able to get some money back for me when she found some tax information was filed incorrectly by her predecessor. Since Lisa came on board I don't have to worry about the administrative side of my company, which allows me more time to focus on other aspects of my business, or spend time with family. She has an excellent work ethic, she is reasonable, flexible and easy to work with. Lisa is the most professional bookkeeper that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has saved me lots of time and money over the years. I wish she had been with my company from day one. And I wish professionals like Lisa were easier to find."

Alex Keylin - Owner, Keylin Audio/Video, LLC.

Lisa has been my accountant for a number of years now. She is reliable and always is there when I have any questions. Every new year while going to Lisa to prepare my tax paperwork it is highly apparent that she keeps up to date with all new information in the field. I have full trust and know that she will do my taxes right and I will never worry about Uncle Sam knocking on my door for any mistakes. Thank you so much Lisa for doing such a great job every year! I really enjoy having you as my accountant... Your knowledge, reliability and personality could never be matched by anyone else. I am so happy to have found you and know that I am secure with you forever. I trust my business in your hands. Thank you! So much!"

Fawn - Owner, Fawn Fiore, LLC

We have used Pro Books for over 10 years now and it's the best company we've ever dealt with. For a total care-free bookkeeping and accounting experience we would highly recommend Pro Books. Lisa, our accountant, is the absolute best! She handles everything quickly, is honest and trust worthy. With her you don't have to worry if things are getting done or not. She puts the joy back into running a small business!"

Christie and Charlie Mastroberti - Owners, Quest Pest Control LLC