The ProBooks Team


Lisa Norman

CEO - Lead Guitarist
Animal Lover
Over 30 years experience in accounting, bookkeeping and entrepreneurship. Owner of a small business and an employer, she understands the pain points of being self-employed. Well versed in taxation, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and most importantly how the three work together, she will work with you and your business. Lisa’s number one goal: For you to be amazed at your success!
Marisa Profile Picture

Marisa McCain

Office Manager - Senior Bookkeeper
Cat Lover
Marisa brings a great deal to the table for the clients of Pro Books. She is well versed in bookkeeping, sales tax, payroll, software, and computers. She is a great asset (no pun intended-ok it was intended) to Pro Books, and most importantly to our clients, a quick wit and the knowledge to back it up! Marisa’s number one goal: To make all of the Pro Books clients know that they are part of one successful team!

Kristina Lerette

Lead Bookkeeper - Tax Assistant
Dog Mom
Kristina brings years of banking experience and customer support to the ProBooks team! She is highly skilled in bookkeeping, payroll, and banking products. Kristina's number one goal: To provide ProBooks clients with fantastic support as well as accurate and timely work. Don't let her quiet personality fool you, she's actually almost as funny as LIsa!


Head of Security
Growing up Bud dreamed of becoming a pilot until one day a hawk showed him what flying was like. Now he spends his days guarding the Pro Books offices (and sitting on visitor's laps).

Little Bit

Happiness Agent
Little Bit is the official greeter at Pro Books. When she's not looking after Bud she enjoys playing in the yard, meeting new people, relaxing in the office, and showing affection.


Quality Control
Skye spends most of her time making sure everyone else is doing a good job. She is a fan of soccer, food, and car rides. She may chase an occassional squirrel or two as well.


Founded in 2000 by Lisa Norman, EA, ProBooks Bookkeeping and Tax Service, LLC, is backed with 30 years of industry experience. Not just another bookkeeping and tax prep service, we are a full service company that talks with clients throughout the year. ProBooks is equipped for any level of bookkeeping and tax needs. We offer a complete menu of options to ensure that each of our clients receives all the services that their company requires, without paying for any unnecessary services. Our clients benefit by getting personalized, quality service that is beyond comparison. Whether we keep your books and records, customer invoicing, pay your bills, complete payroll, prepare your sales taxes, personal property taxes, income taxes, or any combination of services you desire, you can spend your time focused on your profession, while you rest assured knowing that we are focused on your business.

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