Business Tip – Have The Right Insurance

So we are through our first snowstorm of the 2018-19 season. This is a great reminder to do a checkup on your business auto, workman’s comp and liability insurance. Take all precautions to try to avoid any injuries, but know that fender benders and slip and falls are a fact of life. Don’t let them […]

Save Your Business (from the Accounts Receivable Vortex)!

In business we often extend credit to other businesses. When you extend credit the unpaid invoice is considered an “Accounts Receivable” i.e. someone who owes you money for a service or good that you provided. This is a common practice, and as long as your customers pay on time, in full, you should not have […]

How Can I Owe Taxes If I Have No Money?

If I had a nickel for every time I have been asked this question, I would be sitting on an island under a palm tree with a little umbrella in my drink. After over 22 years of doing bookkeeping and tax preparation, this is still the number one question I get asked. The answer is […]

Want To Get Audited by the IRS…Then Don’t Read This.

I’ve had clients tell me “The IRS will never audit me”. This may be true. It is very possible you can go through your entire life and never be audited. That being said, the IRS looks at self-employed persons with a closer eye of scrutiny than a regularly employed person. It just makes sense. There […]
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